Eléonore Nicolas (b.1980, France) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Dublin. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture from NCAD (Dublin) in 2004 and from Nanterre School of Anthropology (Paris) in 2006. Through paintings, sculptures, documentaries and live art performances, Eléonore seeks to create an atmosphere that allows people to be more in touch with themselves and inspires them to design their own life. She is committed to promoting health and well being with her art practice.

Eleonore Nicolas has exhibited in France, Ireland, and Denmark. She has extensive experience in the sector of Art and Health through an internship in Tallaght Hospital working with the elderly in 2007 as well as her participation in the Helium project in 2009 bringing puppetry to children in hospitals. As a storyteller,  she has performed at the Lights-Off festival in Thomastown in 2008 and 2009. She currently performs once a month at the Centre for Creative Practices in Dublin.

Eléonore is a founder member of 'Tickle' a Dublin skills exchange group, dedicated to exploring new forms of performance involving acting, storytelling, improvisation, puppetry, dance and street theatre. In 2008, she was made artistic director for the Whitefriar Community Center, in Aungier St, where she conceived, designed and directed interactive shows for the community.

Eléonore directed & performed her first play ‘A Spoonful of Silence’, which premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival in September 09 and is currently touring across Ireland and the UK. Her following stage-play 'Madam' premiered at the Clonmel Junction Festival in July 2011 and was presented at the Absolut Fringe Festival in September 2011. Her latest project, a tongue-in-cheek performance called 'My Fair Mot', documents two children from Whitefriars community centre as they attempt to teach 'Dublinese' to a class of non-national adults.

Phone: 00353(0)872594890      -      Email: eleonorenicolas@gmail.com     -     Find on Facebook

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